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Property Liability Lawsuit Funding

A generally accepted definition of Property Liability for a home, business or property goes as follows: A person who owns or has legal possession of said premises may be responsible for injuries that occur on the property. The extent of the legal liability of the owner is further limited or expanded depending on if the injured party had the legal right to be on the said property, or if the injured party was present on the property without the express or implied consent of the property owner.

While the above is couched in heavy legal terminology, property liability simply states that a property owner has the responsibility to protect or warn legal visitors of any and all hazardous or dangerous conditions on the property. Those hazardous conditions can be a slippery surface, broken or missing sidewalks or driveways, broken or missing steps, broken or missing hand rails, unmarked changes in the flooring elevation, or a poorly illuminated walkway.

And with the latest onslaught of snow and ice that mother nature has seen fit to drop over vast portions of the US, we are reminded of the failure to clean walkways and driveways after a winter event may in fact be seen as property liability, when a person slips and falls on your sidewalk.

Hopefully those injured due to property liability will receive prompt medical care and are reimbursed by the property owner or their insurance for the injuries. However many times the injured parties are forced to seek legal help to recover from the injury.

Easy Lawsuits funds stands by to help those who have been injured, and have filed a lawsuit based on property liability law. We provide presettlement funding in these cases. Please contact our office for more information.

Defective Products

Here is a scenario for you to consider. Rather than cook dinner, you and your family decide to visit the local pizza place for a quick bite. And while enjoying your favorite pizza you’re your daughter suddenly falls to the floor, and injures her head when it hits the floor. Thankfully her injuries were minor, but you still had a harrowing night at the ER, instead of a quite night enjoying the pizza.

Now the owner of the restaurant is claiming to have no responsibility for your daughter’s injuries, and refuses to reimburse you for the costs of her treatment.  After careful consideration you decide to seek legal help to obtain the just restitution that you and your family deserve.

So do you file as a defective product lawsuit or a property liability lawsuit? While only your lawyer is knowledgeable of the legal stands in your jurisdiction can provide the final answer to this question, here are some simple guidelines to what constitutes a Defective product lawsuit.

A defective product is any product that injures a person due to faulty labeling, a design defect or a manufacturing defect. The law further accepts that the product was being used in a manner in which it was intended, and that you were unaware of any defects before you began to use the product.

Property Liability law generally accepts that the owner of the property failed to maintain the property in a safe condition.

So was the chair defective or was the owner liable?

Easy Lawsuit Funds provides lawsuit funding for both defective product and property liability lawsuits.  Contact us today to see if we can help.


Drunk Driving Accidents

Fact: Drunk Driving in America is a serious issue.

Fact: Drunk Drivers kill and maim thousands of innocent drivers each year.

Fact: Many injured parties in drunk driving accidents need financial help while awaiting justice from the legal system.

Fact: Easy lawsuit Funds can help provide that financial help these victims need. Contact us today for more details on how we can help.

Drunk Driving Lawsuit FudingJust how serious of an issue is drunk driving? Mothers against Drunk Drivers (MADD) estimate that on any given day there are over 300,000 people driving who are legally drunk. To further illustrate the significance of that number consider this; the 2014 US Census, estimates the population of the District of Columbia to be 658,893 persons. If we applied the MADD estimate to that city’s population, over 45% of the population would be driving drunk. This is not to imply that 45% of those people actually were driving impaired, but if you have ever spent time in Washington DC, and marveled at the number of people there, you can certainly appreciate the significance of this staggering number.

How effective is law enforcement in combating this number of illegal drivers? MADD estimates that over 4,000 legally impaired drivers are arrested each and every day in America. Sounds like a large number until you consider that’s only 1.43% of those driving legally drunk who are actually removed from the American Roadways.

To those fortunate enough to not have been involved in a drunk driving accident that left them either physically injured, dead or with significant property damage, you should consider yourself very lucky. We truly hope that you never become a victim of a drunk driver.

But if you have, and are seeking restitution for your injuries and/or property damage through a lawsuit, the folks at Easy Lawsuit funds may be able to help you financially while your lawsuit works its way through the legal system. Call today for more information.

Table Saw Accidents

Table Saw Lawsuit FundingThe next time you’re at one of the larger home improvement stores, take a moment to wander through the tool section, and one thing you will notice is a large display of Table Saws. One of the reasons that there so many different types and sizes of table saws on sale, is the simple fact that the table saw is one of the most popular tools used by both the professional and the week end warrior DIYer’s.

The popularity of the table saw also leads to a startling statistic, this single tool is responsible for an estimated 67,000 injuries annually that required treatment either in a Doctor’s office or a hospital ER. For a fortunate few, the injury required only stitches to seal a wound. For those less fortunate, loss of a fingers, hands or worse are often the result. Read More →

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Funding: We’re Here to Help

Vaginal Mesh is a type of surgical mesh that is usually inserted through the vagina. The mesh is used to treat bladder prolapse, pelvic prolapse, and similar issues, such as bladder related problems, such as a  reinforcement for the vaginal wall or to hold a woman’s organs in place. This mesh is helpful, however through the years; researchers are discovering that vaginal mesh may be more harmful than helpful. The harmful side effects of the vaginal mesh may be but not limited to: Read More →

Lawsuit Funding for NFL Concussion Cases

NFL Concussion Lawsuit FundingA settlement has been reached between the NFL, NFL Properties, and retired players and their families, in a class action lawsuit for damages incurred by players, present and past who have suffered concussions. On July 7, 2014 the courts granted preliminary approval of the proposed settlement.

The settlement allows for Base line testing of all retired players, along with monetary damages for players diagnosed with ALS, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and certain chronic traumatic diseases. The agreement further allows that valid claims will be paid in full for 65 years.

While the above is indeed great news for the players, current and retired, along with their families, who have had life altering concussion based injuries, but and there is a big BUT. Settlement can often take several months or even years to the point where financial benefits are seen by the players and or their families.

For today’s current players who often earn mega salaries, having to wait while the courts handout settlements may not be an issue, but not all players earn those million dollar salaries. But for the average player and their family, the wait can lead to financial disaster. This is where NFL concussion lawsuit funding from Easy Lawsuit Funds can help.