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Age Discrimination

age discrimination
For the past 20 some years you’ve been a steady employee. Your annual reviews have been glowing, your attendance record has been exemplary, and you’ve taken on any task that management asked of you. You never gripe about over time. In other words you’re a good employee.  Now you’ve reached those “golden years”, where being the age of 50 is a distant memory. Instead of planning your retirement, you’re suddenly unemployed, and like many others you’re “Looking for work”. Why? How did this happen?


Well, if the decision to release you as an employee was based on the fact that you’ve reached a “certain age”, not your work performance, or where due to seniority you may have become an expensive, yet totally functional employee, management has decided to replace you with a younger, less expensive employee, you may be the victim of “Age Discrimination”.

The law generally accepts that it is illegal to discriminate against a person or group, based solely on their age, religion, sex, marital status, or ethnic background. The above example deals with age discrimination in the work place, but age discrimination can occur anywhere. Have you been denied housing, either because you were too old, or perhaps you weren’t old enough? This may be age discrimination. Now only an experienced lawyer who is well versed in the legal statures in your locale can definitely determine if you have been a victim of age discrimination, and we advise you to seek that counsel. If you’ve already begun a lawsuit for age discrimination, and are currently in need of financial assistance pending the resolution of your case, Easy lawsuit Funds can help with age discrimination lawsuit funding. Please contact us today at 856-340-6133.

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