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Amputation Lawsuit Funding

Due in part to popular TV shows such as NBC’s Chicago Fire, or a multitude of the medical shows currently popular, we tend to think of an amputation injury occurring in dangerous environments such as factories, or a distant battlefield. But the truth is that amputation injuries can and do occur in more safe environments such as our homes and offices.

The internet recently carried a story of a recall of a table and chair set sold by Walmart. The recall was based on the amputation of a finger by one user, and the amputation of several finger tips by other users. In this case the retailer is doing the “right thing” in removing the defective product. This is not always the case.

Amputation of a single digit or even partial amputation can create many issues for the victim, not limited to medical issues. There may be loss of income, medical bills, or further amputation(s). If you or a loved one have had an amputation and are involved in a pending lawsuit due to your amputation being the fault of others, Easy Lawsuit Funds may be able to help you.

Amputation lawsuit funding can provide the financial stability you need while you wait for your lawsuit to settle. Call us today to find out how.