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Automobile Accident Lawsuit Funding

herculesThe beginning of 2014 brought many inches of snow, rain and sleet to the North Eastern portion of the United States, thanks to winter storm Hercules. There were many byproducts of the Hercules visit, not limited to school and business closings, air and road travel disruptions and an obvious increase in Automobile accidents. Unfortunately many of these accidents resulted in personal injuries.

While the numbers of these accidents that can be attributed to Winter Storm Hercules, along with the statistics of the injuries are still being calculated. The simple fact is that many people were injured doing nothing more than trying to drive to home work or maybe even to school were injured in an automobile accident through no fault of their own. Bad weather is a known major contributing factor in automobile accidents.

Hopefully none of these recent accidents will result in lawsuits, but statically we know that a number will indeed end up being decided in a court of law. During this litigation period, the time between when the lawsuit is filed and the actual disposition by a court of law, many injured parties will need funding to help defray costs and expenses; this is where we as a lawsuit funding company can Auto Accident caused by snowhelp.

Our company, Easy Lawsuit Funds can provide the pre settlement funding you or your family needs, now not several months or years in advance. Automobile lawsuit funding is made available to injured parties on a non-recourse basis, which means if you should ever lose your lawsuit, you are not required to repay the cash advance.