Easy Lawsuit Funds

Before You File Your Lawsuit

AttorneyDeciding to go forward with a lawsuit is not a decision to be taken lightly, but once you have made that decision, your next important decision is to hire an attorney to represent you before the courts. And there are many things to consider when selecting your attorney, does he or she has knowledge on your type of lawsuit, is he or she a member of the bar within the jurisdiction that will decide your case, and after talking to your potential attorney, are you and they on the same page, can you work together?

Easy lawsuit Funds would like to offer some additional considerations before signing the contract for legal representation. No, we are not going to tell you which lawyer to hire, that is your decision alone, but we are going to suggest that if you may need pre settlement lawsuit funding, that you discuss this with your potential attorney before signing on the dotted line.

There are no legal obligations for any attorney to cooperate with your desire to obtain law suit funding. In fact the attorney must be “On Board” with the lawsuit funding concept in order for it to work. The attorney and his or her office will be required to provide documentation to the underwriters of the pre settlement lawsuit funding that substantiates your claim, without this, it is virtually impossible to obtain lawsuit funding.

Now every litigant involved in a lawsuit, will not require a cash advance on a future settlement, but if during the long period of time between now when you file your lawsuit and it finally makes into a court of law, you may, now is the time to make sure your attorney will cooperate, not six months down the road, when the power company is threatening to turn off your electricity because you don’t have the money to make the payment, or you need funds to pay the rent. Better to know you will have the support of your attorney if lawsuit funding is needed up front, rather than later when the chips are really down.

If you are in need of lawsuit funding, Easy Lawsuit Funds can help. Give us a call today at 856-340-6133 to get started.