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Car Accident Claims

According to Cincinnati Car Accident Attorney, Anthony Castelli, car accidents can be far more complicated than you may realize. While many of us feel confident in believing that insurance companies will treat us fairly, that just may be a mistake. Often the cause of the accident could be much more complicated than it initially appeared. It is best to have your car accident attorney investigate other potential causes for any accidents you are involved in.

Mr Castelli goes on to say, “Insurance companies have many ways of minimizing the amount they pay you, and avoiding fully compensating you for your injuries. Never sign anything, cash any checks, or give any statements to the insurance companies without consulting your Cincinnati car accident attorney first. You could be signing away your right to full compensation or giving a statement which will damage your case”.

It goes without saying, this holds true for all of the US cities, not just Cincinnati.

If you have been injured in a car accident, and are waiting for your suit to settle, you could qualify for pre settlement lawsuit funding from Easy Lawsuit Funds. This could provide you the funds you need to survive financially, while providing your attorney the time necessary to prosecute your case.

Insurance companies are counting on your not being able to wait around for them to settle your case. The know most people are in a hurry to get on with their life, and the delay settlements for as long as possible.