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Car Accident ? Lawsuit Funding Can Help You Get the Money You Need Now

If you have been injured in a car accident and are now going through a lawsuit, you know that this process is not only stressful, but also very lengthy. The legal process is incredibly slow, but to make matters worse, insurance companies bide their time, knowing that either impatience or desperation will get people to settle for less money. If you are starting to feel the financial strain of waiting for your lawsuit to settle, lawsuit funding may be just what you need to get through this difficult time.

Lawsuit funding, sometimes referred to as pre-settlement lawsuit funding, is a special type of loan that gives you the cash you need now. From your medical bills to day-to-day living expenses, your financial needs can be covered with pre-settlement funding. Lawsuit loans are designed for plaintiffs engaged in active lawsuits and who have attorneys representing them. While there are a few different types of loans available for lawsuit funding, non-recourse loans have the added advantage in that you do not have to pay the money back if you lose your case. Lawsuit funding puts the power back in your hands, because you aren’t going to be held hostage by an insurance company that is counting on you to settle for less just to get cash now. With the money you need to survive in hand, you can wait until your attorney gets you the settlement you really deserve.

At Easy Lawsuit Funds, we specialize in connecting plaintiffs just like you with lenders who offer car accident lawsuit funding. We strive to provide lawsuit funding solutions that make your life easier, better and less stressful. Our streamlined application process helps cut through the red tape, and we work directly with your attorney to ensure that we match you with the lawsuit loan that is right for your individual situation. You can use the money for medical bills, living expenses, rent or mortgage payments and whatever else you need. To learn more about how car accident lawsuit funding can help you, or to get the application process started, contact us today 856-340-6133.