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Table Saw Accidents

Table Saw Lawsuit FundingThe next time you’re at one of the larger home improvement stores, take a moment to wander through the tool section, and one thing you will notice is a large display of Table Saws. One of the reasons that there so many different types and sizes of table saws on sale, is the simple fact that the table saw is one of the most popular tools used by both the professional and the week end warrior DIYer’s.

The popularity of the table saw also leads to a startling statistic, this single tool is responsible for an estimated 67,000 injuries annually that required treatment either in a Doctor’s office or a hospital ER. For a fortunate few, the injury required only stitches to seal a wound. For those less fortunate, loss of a fingers, hands or worse are often the result. Read More →

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Funding: We’re Here to Help

Vaginal Mesh is a type of surgical mesh that is usually inserted through the vagina. The mesh is used to treat bladder prolapse, pelvic prolapse, and similar issues, such as bladder related problems, such as a  reinforcement for the vaginal wall or to hold a woman’s organs in place. This mesh is helpful, however through the years; researchers are discovering that vaginal mesh may be more harmful than helpful. The harmful side effects of the vaginal mesh may be but not limited to: Read More →

Lawsuit Funding for NFL Concussion Cases

NFL Concussion Lawsuit FundingA settlement has been reached between the NFL, NFL Properties, and retired players and their families, in a class action lawsuit for damages incurred by players, present and past who have suffered concussions. On July 7, 2014 the courts granted preliminary approval of the proposed settlement.

The settlement allows for Base line testing of all retired players, along with monetary damages for players diagnosed with ALS, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and certain chronic traumatic diseases. The agreement further allows that valid claims will be paid in full for 65 years.

While the above is indeed great news for the players, current and retired, along with their families, who have had life altering concussion based injuries, but and there is a big BUT. Settlement can often take several months or even years to the point where financial benefits are seen by the players and or their families.

For today’s current players who often earn mega salaries, having to wait while the courts handout settlements may not be an issue, but not all players earn those million dollar salaries. But for the average player and their family, the wait can lead to financial disaster. This is where NFL concussion lawsuit funding from Easy Lawsuit Funds can help.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Funding

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit FundingIf you or a member of your family have been terminated from gainful employment, without cause, and have filed a lawsuit for Wrongful Termination, the folks at Easy Lawsuit Funds would like to talk to you.

Wrongful termination is a legal definition that generally states that it is illegal to terminate an employee without cause.  Wrongful termination laws protect workers from being dismissed for actions, such as “Whistle Blowing”, or refusal by the employee to perform an illegal or unsafe act that management demands. It further provides protection from having an “employment contract” cancelled by the employer for actions deemed in violation of the company policies, unless such policies were written.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall lawsuit FundingYou’re walking down the isle of your favorite department store, looking at the latest offering, and before you know it, you’re flat on your back. What happened? You’ve just had a slip and fall accident.  Hopefully only your pride is injured. But often the injuries received are far more severe than that, you may have injuries to the head, back or possibly leg or arm damage.

Now instead of an afternoon shopping, you’re in the ER, possibly facing days, weeks or long term pain and possible disability.  Beyond the physical pain, you may also now be facing loss of income if your injury prevents you from returning to work, or medical bills that exceed the amount of insurance you have.

Most people will seek compensation from the store or owner of the property where the accident occurred, but often there is a dispute over who was responsible for the accident.  Or the property’s owner may have turned the issue over to their insurance company who may deny liability or “drag their feet” in making a settlement to you or your family. Read More →

Automobile Accident Lawsuit Funding

herculesThe beginning of 2014 brought many inches of snow, rain and sleet to the North Eastern portion of the United States, thanks to winter storm Hercules. There were many byproducts of the Hercules visit, not limited to school and business closings, air and road travel disruptions and an obvious increase in Automobile accidents. Unfortunately many of these accidents resulted in personal injuries.

While the numbers of these accidents that can be attributed to Winter Storm Hercules, along with the statistics of the injuries are still being calculated. The simple fact is that many people were injured doing nothing more than trying to drive to home work or maybe even to school were injured in an automobile accident through no fault of their own. Bad weather is a known major contributing factor in automobile accidents.

Hopefully none of these recent accidents will result in lawsuits, but statically we know that a number will indeed end up being decided in a court of law. During this litigation period, the time between when the lawsuit is filed and the actual disposition by a court of law, many injured parties will need funding to help defray costs and expenses; this is where we as a lawsuit funding company can Auto Accident caused by snowhelp.

Our company, Easy Lawsuit Funds can provide the pre settlement funding you or your family needs, now not several months or years in advance. Automobile lawsuit funding is made available to injured parties on a non-recourse basis, which means if you should ever lose your lawsuit, you are not required to repay the cash advance.