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Stop Being a Victim

Don't Be A VictimWhile it may be unkind to label you as a victim, the reality is that if you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit, you were a victim. It may have been a personal injury lawsuit, where you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence, a motor vehicle accident, or any other type of lawsuit, but the plain truth is you or a member of your family were the victim.

But now justice has prevailed and you have won a settlement from the defendant, only problem now is that it may take additional time to get your money. And you may need some of it now for immediate financial obligations. One solution to this particular problem maybe a structured settlement.

Easy Lawsuit Funds can help to provide you with a structured settlement that will provide you with the monies you need now and into the future. Now to the victim part of this problem, unlike many of the other companies that also offer a structured settlement, we don’t simply connect you to a phone solicitor who takes your information and determines the best “they” can pay you. Easy Lawsuit funds connects you to a financial adviser who determine, with your inputs, what and when you need payments. This financial adviser takes an interest in you and works to ensure that you have what you need now and into the future. Easy Lawsuit Funds, also offers a higher percentage payout than many of other companies.

You may have been a victim in the original lawsuit, but you don’t need to continue to be a victim. Call us today to get started 856-340-6133

BP Commercial Lawsuit Funding

On the evening of April 20, 2010 an oil rig operating in the Gulf of Mexico, suffered a catastrophic oil spill and explosion that killed eleven people and subsequently became both an ecological and financial disaster. The oil rig known as the Deep Water Horizon, which is owned by BP Petroleum, burnt for 36 hours before sinking into the Gulf. BP has since plead guilty to 11 counts of Seaman’s manslaughter, 2 counts of pollution violations, and one count of lying to Congress.

While the incident was an obvious financial disaster to BP, it also brought untold financial hardships to many small businesses that rely on the Gulf for their existence. All of us were affected in some way by the disaster, but for those who financial livelihood depended on the waterways of the Gulf the spill was a life changer. The disruption of business the oil spill caused placed many small businesses in financial limbo.

Businesses who have suffered a loss of income can file a claim with BP for restitution. However filing the claim may not bring immediate help to that business affected will need. For those who need that immediate influx of monies to exist pending the settlement of the claim against BP, our company Easy Lawsuit Funds, maybe able to help. Through our network of funders, we may be able to provide the cash the business owner may need to recoup after the interruption of business due to the BP disaster with Commercial Lawsuit Funding. To see if we can help you, please contact us today at 856-340-6133.

Lottery Winnings – Lump Sum or Annuity?

After the initial and immediate joy and tribulations over winning “The Lottery” you were faced with a difficult decision, take the lump sum award or the “Annual Payouts”.  The financial pundits on both sides of that coin can weigh in on which is a better financial choice for you, and we will leave that consul to those better suited to provide that advice.

But let’s just for a moment assume that you decided on the annuity for your lottery winnings instead of the lump sum, and that plan has worked well for you up to now. But now your financial position has changed.  You may have a financial opportunity that requires cash now, or you may simply want to purchase a better home or start a business, whatever the reason you need the money now, not at the time of your annual payout. Read More →

Structured Settlements – Attractive to Plaintiff and Defendant

An out of court lawsuit agreement that contains an offer of a Structured Settlement may indeed have advantages to both parties of the lawsuit.  First of all a structured settlement agreement is basically an annuity that provides funds to the plaintive at specified time periods and for a specific amount. These periodic payments from the structured settlement are generally considered as nontaxable income to the recipient. However income derived from an investment made with funds from the structured settlement payments are typically taxable.

The advantage to the defendant comes from the fact that the annuity doesn’t require the upfront cash to the plaintive that a lump sum would require.  But since the monies invested into the annuity by the defendant will actually generate interest payments that are typically re invested into the annuity, the actual cost to the defendant are normally much lower than that of a lump sum payment.

More Help from Easy Lawsuit Funds

We at Easy Lawsuit funds would like to make you aware of the fact that in addition to Pre settlement funds, we also offer help in arranging financially prudent post settlement structured settlement plans.

As opposed to a pre settlement lawsuit advance, our post settlement Structured settlement plans offer much more than a simple buy out of your settlement. While paying out a higher than normally offered percentages, we will also provide you with a trained financial adviser who will work with you to create a long term financial plan that helps ensures the financial wellbeing of you and your family. Read More →

Easy Lawsuit Funds – Structured Settlements

Structured SettlementsYour structured annuity:

• Regulated by Insurance Commissioners in all 50 states.

• Not subject to reductions due to interest rate or market changes.

• Funded by highly rated life insurance company.

• Backed by exceptionally safe “investment grade” assets.

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