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Structured SettlementsYour structured annuity:

• Regulated by Insurance Commissioners in all 50 states.

• Not subject to reductions due to interest rate or market changes.

• Funded by highly rated life insurance company.

• Backed by exceptionally safe “investment grade” assets.

Accident survivors quickly recognize the advantages of guaranteed income without taxes or fees. Workers’ compensation claims can now be resolved faster and more fairly. In a volatile economy, helping an injured person achieve financial security is more important than ever. Life insurance companies that issue structured settlement annuities are financially strong and are subject to strict regulation.

Benefits to the Attorney:

• Guaranteed fixed payments

• Tax-deferred income (federal/state/local)

• Customized payout scenarios:

– Lifetime payouts

– Term certain payouts

– Payments to you and your spouse

– Enhanced retirement planning

– Education funding

• Low investment risk and competitive rate of return

Structured in just the way you need it to be. When you enter into a structured settlement, you are adding confidence and certainty to your financial future. Seek the advice from Easy Lawsuit Funds today and provide yourself with long-term peace of mind and financial security with a structured settlement.

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