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Insurance Company Ruse

 Insurance Companies Settlement Tactics

What is reportedly becoming a more common occurrence than one would think, the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya  saved a victim of a motorcycle accident from inadvertently accepting an unfair settlement, as reported on Lawyers.com.


It seems as though the friendly neighborhood insurance adjuster gave Larry, the victim here, a call on the phone, assuring him that he would be taken care of. They went so far as to send him a check for $1,000.00.  Fortunately for Larry, he had seen the television commercials of Dianne Sawaya, reporting this as a common tactic used by insurance companies. He did become a client for the firm.

According to Dianne; “Insurance companies will stoop to anything to avoid paying claims. They’re more than happy to take your premium money. But when it comes time to live up to their promises to take care of you, it’s another story. After all, paying claims is bad for profit margins and executive bonuses.”


Some insurance companies are resorting to trickery. While posing as a friendly party to the injured, they offer their word of taking care of the expenses, and even go so far as to mail out a small check. If the injured cashes the check, they’re actually settling the case. It’s uncertain the insurance company would get away with this as payment in full, but it certainly muddies up the water.


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