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Is Waiting on Your Lawsuit Settlement Damaging Your Financial Stability? Relief is Available!

Whether you are facing a commercial lawsuit with a former employer, or a personal injury lawsuit because of a reckless driver, the result is the same; you end up suffering through months, if not years of waiting while watching your financial stability crumble. The problem with these types of lawsuits is that they truly are an example of David versus Goliath. Both employers and insurance companies have the deep pockets and available cash flow to continue on unaffected throughout the legal process—they are in no hurry to resolve the case. In laymen’s terms, they can wait you out until you give in and settle for less or drop your lawsuit. If you are like most people, you don’t have the endless financial resources to keep you going throughout the lengthy legal process.

How Can You Get Lawsuit Help?

If you want to level the playing field in your lawsuit, then you need cash now to help you survive financially so that you can let your attorney fight for you. Rather than settling too early out of desperation, a lawsuit cash advance will allow you to wait out your lawsuit without letting it lead you to financial ruin. Pre-settlement loans are a unique category of loan that is specially designed for people engaged in active lawsuits. Additionally, if you are eligible for a non-recourse loan, you will not have to pay the money back if you lose your case, making pre-settlement funding an excellent option for you. Unlike traditional loans that require you to have a good credit rating and make regular payments, lawsuit funding loans are completely dependent on your lawsuit and do not require payments until your case is settled.

Who Can Help with Lawsuit Funding?

As one of the most highly recognized lawsuit funding companies, Easy Lawsuit Funds helps connect plaintiffs like you with our lenders through a streamlined application process. We work directly with your attorney to make getting pre-settlement funding an easy process for you, and to get you the money you need now. From commercial lawsuit funding to personal injury lawsuit funding, we help people get through their lawsuits so that they can continue to fight for what they deserve, instead of settling for less out of financial desperation. To learn more about how we can help you, contactus today. 856-340-6133