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Lottery Winnings – Lump Sum or Annuity?

After the initial and immediate joy and tribulations over winning “The Lottery” you were faced with a difficult decision, take the lump sum award or the “Annual Payouts”.  The financial pundits on both sides of that coin can weigh in on which is a better financial choice for you, and we will leave that consul to those better suited to provide that advice.

But let’s just for a moment assume that you decided on the annuity for your lottery winnings instead of the lump sum, and that plan has worked well for you up to now. But now your financial position has changed.  You may have a financial opportunity that requires cash now, or you may simply want to purchase a better home or start a business, whatever the reason you need the money now, not at the time of your annual payout.

If you find yourself in that position, we at Easy Lawsuit funds would like to offer you a better solution for your immediate cash needs.  Instead of offering to buy out all of the remaining payouts, as many others do, our plan will buy out just the portion of your annual payments that are needed now.  Our trained financial planner will meet with you, and determine what immediate funds are needed to meet your changed financial situation and work with you to make that happen.

At the time of your winning you probably could not have predicted this change in your financial needs, but now that it has occurred, please let Easy Lawsuit funds, help you.  Please contact us today.

Oh, by the way Congratulations on winning the lottery.