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More Help from Easy Lawsuit Funds

We at Easy Lawsuit funds would like to make you aware of the fact that in addition to Pre settlement funds, we also offer help in arranging financially prudent post settlement structured settlement plans.

As opposed to a pre settlement lawsuit advance, our post settlement Structured settlement plans offer much more than a simple buy out of your settlement. While paying out a higher than normally offered percentages, we will also provide you with a trained financial adviser who will work with you to create a long term financial plan that helps ensures the financial wellbeing of you and your family.

During your lawsuit you sought out a trained legal advice and consul from a lawyer who provided you with educated advice on how to present and win your lawsuit. You as the litigant knew the particulars of your lawsuit, but didn’t have the legal knowledge to obtain what you so deserved. That’s why you worked with your lawyer.
So now that you and your lawyer have won a justified settlement, it only makes good common sense to seek trained financial advice on how to ensure that the structured settlement you are contemplating works for you and your family. Easy lawsuit Funds can provide that financial advice and consul, as well as a higher than average payout for your settlement.