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Police Report..Do You Need One?

Police ReportLet’s face it; most people do not want to get involved with the police.  But there are obvious times when you should, when you think someone is breaking into your home, or you’re being threatened, or you just got mugged on the way home from work.  At these times we don’t hesitate to call the police, it just makes sense to involve them. But when you’re involved in a traffic accident or you’re injured at work, we often question do we need to get the police involved, the facts of the incident seem clear to everyone involved so why bother getting the police involved.  The simple answer is to protect the facts of the incident or accident.

During the adrenalin filled moments immediately after a motor vehicle accident, the blame for the accident often seem crystal clear. Vehicle A hit vehicle B because vehicle B did something. And the driver of vehicle B is responsible for the damages caused. But later when you or your insurance company contacts the driver of vehicle B, the fault becomes a little less clear, in fact the other driver may now feel that you, the driver of vehicle A, may actually be at fault. This then may become a lawsuit, where both sides of the case state their opinion of the facts of the case.

The police report that was created and filed by the responding police officer, eliminates this “he said/she said” situation.  The police report is an unbiased statement of the facts of the accident.  The police will interpret the accident and if any violations of the motor vehicle code were factors in the accident, they will be stated on the police report. Simply stated the police report protects the facts of the accident for posterity.

Yes, you may have to contact the police department a few days after the accident to obtain a legal copy of the police report, and you may have to pay a small fee, but this is a very small inconvenience considering that this simple document is a true statement of the facts that can’t be changed at the convenience of the other driver.

While we talked about a motor vehicle accident here, the same is very true for any accident that results in either injury or damage to your property where another party maybe at fault.  Remember the report is your protection of the facts.