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Property Liability Lawsuit Funding

A generally accepted definition of Property Liability for a home, business or property goes as follows: A person who owns or has legal possession of said premises may be responsible for injuries that occur on the property. The extent of the legal liability of the owner is further limited or expanded depending on if the injured party had the legal right to be on the said property, or if the injured party was present on the property without the express or implied consent of the property owner.

While the above is couched in heavy legal terminology, property liability simply states that a property owner has the responsibility to protect or warn legal visitors of any and all hazardous or dangerous conditions on the property. Those hazardous conditions can be a slippery surface, broken or missing sidewalks or driveways, broken or missing steps, broken or missing hand rails, unmarked changes in the flooring elevation, or a poorly illuminated walkway.

And with the latest onslaught of snow and ice that mother nature has seen fit to drop over vast portions of the US, we are reminded of the failure to clean walkways and driveways after a winter event may in fact be seen as property liability, when a person slips and falls on your sidewalk.

Hopefully those injured due to property liability will receive prompt medical care and are reimbursed by the property owner or their insurance for the injuries. However many times the injured parties are forced to seek legal help to recover from the injury.

Easy Lawsuits funds stands by to help those who have been injured, and have filed a lawsuit based on property liability law. We provide presettlement funding in these cases. Please contact our office for more information.