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Red Light Cameras

Red Light CameraIn our Post 9/11 world, the use of surveillance cameras has become the norm. At one point we only saw these small seemingly harmless devices in banks and other financial institutions. In today’s world, we see them everywhere, from the corner grocery store, airports, restaurants, hotel lobbies and hallways, baby monitors, and even our highways and intersections. Many municipalities have installed red light and speed cameras. As the name implies “Red Light Cameras” are installed in intersections to nab the offender who runs the red light. Sounds like a great idea, Correct?

Well, in principal yes this is a great idea. Catch and fine those who “Actually” run the red light. The problem is that many of these cameras, which will take a picture of the vehicle and license plate of any vehicle that cross the intersection after the light turns RED. There is supposed to be a 3 second window, which allows vehicles that legally entered into the intersection, to clear the intersection. Problem is that 3 seconds, isn’t always 3 seconds.

Studies have shown that some are programmed to trigger on less than the required 3 second interval. Many of those who have received a citation in the mail have fought the ticket claiming that the timing was off. There have even been some class action lawsuits arguing the legality of the Red Light camera. While the average citation comes with a fine approaching or exceeding $100, for the registered owner of the vehicle, the award to those who have joined the Class Action lawsuit was less than 10% of the cost of the ticket. Since the red light can not actually prove who was driving the vehicle, the citations come with No Points assigned.

Now there are new statistics that is causing many municipalities to question the validity of the red light camera. While the number of citations written have steady increased, so have the number of accidents that have occurred at the same intersection. One report stated that the number of “rear end collisions” at these same intersections have increase as much as 400%. The current thinking is that a driver approaches the red light, and either notices a red light camera, or is forwarned by their GPS, of the presence of a Red Light camera, and in fear of receiving a ticket for crossing on anything other than a solid green light, slams on their brakes, without checking behind them to ensure that the following vehicle can stop in time.

Sure the law may blame the second driver for following too close, and he or she may be cited for “Failure to maintain a safe assured distance”, but in reality, the driver of the first vehicle must share some of the blame. Remember the stopping distance on all vehicles is not the same. That 18 wheeler following you may have assumed that you were going to though the intersection, and when you didn’t, he cannot stop in time to avoid that rear end collision.

Do Red Light Cameras work? Yes, they have made many afraid to venture into the intersection with anything that isn’t 100% Green, which may be a good thing. But that same fear may also cause you to hesitate or stop quickly, which may result in that car or truck following you to collide with your car.

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