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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall lawsuit FundingYou’re walking down the isle of your favorite department store, looking at the latest offering, and before you know it, you’re flat on your back. What happened? You’ve just had a slip and fall accident.  Hopefully only your pride is injured. But often the injuries received are far more severe than that, you may have injuries to the head, back or possibly leg or arm damage.

Now instead of an afternoon shopping, you’re in the ER, possibly facing days, weeks or long term pain and possible disability.  Beyond the physical pain, you may also now be facing loss of income if your injury prevents you from returning to work, or medical bills that exceed the amount of insurance you have.

Most people will seek compensation from the store or owner of the property where the accident occurred, but often there is a dispute over who was responsible for the accident.  Or the property’s owner may have turned the issue over to their insurance company who may deny liability or “drag their feet” in making a settlement to you or your family.

So, you may ask, what is the justification for seeking this compensation for your slip and fall accident?  The courts generally hold that the property owner is liable for injuries that occurred on said property if they did not maintain the premise in what is generally considered to be a good and safe condition, or that if an unsafe condition did occur, that they failed to warn or protect you as a legal visitor to the site of the impending danger.

If you have filed a lawsuit against a negligent property owner for a slip and fall accident, it may be months or years before your case is settled. If you are unable to work, you could find yourself in financial hardship.  Easy Lawsuit Funds can help with slip and fall accident lawsuit funding. We can advance you funds against your possible settlement to help you pay your mortgage, make car payments or pay other bills allowing your attorney the time to get you the settlement you deserve rather than the smaller one the insurance company is offering.  Call us today for more information 856-340-6133.