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Table Saw Accidents

Table Saw Lawsuit FundingThe next time you’re at one of the larger home improvement stores, take a moment to wander through the tool section, and one thing you will notice is a large display of Table Saws. One of the reasons that there so many different types and sizes of table saws on sale, is the simple fact that the table saw is one of the most popular tools used by both the professional and the week end warrior DIYer’s.

The popularity of the table saw also leads to a startling statistic, this single tool is responsible for an estimated 67,000 injuries annually that required treatment either in a Doctor’s office or a hospital ER. For a fortunate few, the injury required only stitches to seal a wound. For those less fortunate, loss of a fingers, hands or worse are often the result.

So what caused these accidents? There are many factors here; lack of attention by the operator, broken or defective equipment, lack of proper training, the removal of safety equipment, fatigue by the operator, and on and on. The one common denominator here is that a table saw accident can and often is debilitating. That one moment, can alter your life forever.

As with most accidents, a table saw accident that occurs through the actions or lack of action of others is what is in legal terms an “actionable “event. These actionable events often lead to lawsuits where the injured parties seek compensation for their injury.

Now, that table saw accident, which in a moment’s time changed your life possibly forever, is tied up in the court system, where it progresses at an incredibly slow pace, to a court date and settlement. At the same time your life must go on, your financial obligations didn’t stop the moment that you had an unfortunate incident with a table saw.

Easy Lawsuits Funds, doesn’t sell table saws, nor do we sell table saw safety equipment. What we do is offer those injured in a Table Saw accident financial help while their lawsuit progresses to a final settlement.

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